• His profanity was so void of art that it was an element of weakness rather than strength in his conversation.

    Profanity, Swearing

  • Kanye West , a hip hop 'artist' known for his revealing celeb wife Kim Kardashian,has declared that he will run for the US Presidency with the experience of show biz deals made by his wife and Jay-Z , another hip hop celeb. He commented 'One thing I learned you can't fuck up the paper ( money) . That's the problem with a lot of the radical leaders in the past' . Such insight and such immediate communication of values deserves a chance ...

    Hubris, Swearing

  • Proctor & Gamble, that international American conglomerate of cleaning products, has applied to trade mark several acronyms including LOL 'laugh out loud' and amazingly WTF which means 'what the fuck', seemingly to appeal to a younger generation of consumer whom, they must suppose, use this sort of bad language in their normal communications. Oh dear , how once principled companies will stoop to the lowest form of communication -'What the fuck' a suitably insouciant vulgarism of yoof - hey isn't that another word they could trademark?


  • A pet parrot stranded on a roof in Edmonton greeted firefighters who came to rescue it by telling them to "fuck off''. What sort of family could have taught it that by repetition?

    F word, Swearing

  • Don’t swear boy, it shows a lack of vocabulary.