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  • With Twitter, Caliban has found his medium.

    Social Media

  • Everybody was so gaga about Steve Jobs, but I picture him in hell, running from Demons you want a selfie.

    Self obsession, Social Media

  • Despite the unparalleled opportunity, media and social media cannot help purveying endless rounds of reaction and gossip.To immerse oneself in popular culture for any length of time is to wallow in an almost unbearable shallowness.

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  • The reason that technology so often disappoints and betrays us, is that it promises to make easy things that, by their intrinsic nature, have to be hard.Tweeting and trolling are easy.Mastering the art of conversation and measured debate is hard. Texting is easy.Writing a proper letter is hard Looking stuff up on Google is easy.Knowing what to search for in the first place is hard.Having 1000 friends on Facebook is easy.Maintaining six or seven close adult friendships over the space of many years is hard.Swiping right on Tinder is easy.Finding love and staying in it, is hard.

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  • Hv gvn p vwls fr Lnt. (Tweet for Lent)

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  • Why is everyone always angry on the Internet? Because it's the simplest way to make a living.The perpetual outrage machine prints money.

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  • Before Trip Adviser, the customer was only nominally king. After, he became a veritable tyrant, with power to make or break lives.

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  • “Liking” things is a bit like liking things, but with an emphasis on people seeing you liking them rather than actually liking them.

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  • We live in the Facebook era. I think everyone, not just celebrities, have an unprecedented level of self-awareness, of presenting yourself to the world. The truth is, it starts with how you look, and that goes into how you dress.

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