• When the liberal intellectual thinks of himself, he thinks chiefly of his own good will and prefers not to know that the goodwill generated own problems, that the love of humanity has its own vices and the love of truth own sensibilities.There is a morality of morality.

    Intellectual, Liberals, Morality, Self delusion

  • Liberal intellectuals have always moved in an aura of self-congratulation.They sustain themselves by flattering themselves with intentions and they dismiss as reactionary whoever questions them.

    Intellectual, Liberals, Self delusion

  • President Trump Is a sort of punishment for Liberals.He is what they get when they refuse to listen to much nicer people, such as me.

    America, Liberals, President

  • The old liberalism assumed bad government, the more powerful the government the worse it was, just as it assumed the natural righteousness of the individual

    Government, Individuality, Liberals

  • All professed liberals are brought up to be against the Government.

    Liberals, Politics

  • Liberals cannot help believing that all human beings secretly yearn to become as they imagine themselves to be.


  • A liberal is a man who leaves the room before a fight begins.


  • A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.