• I wear my enemies like medals.

    Conceit, Enemies, Hubris

  • Kanye West , a hip hop 'artist' known for his revealing celeb wife Kim Kardashian,has declared that he will run for the US Presidency with the experience of show biz deals made by his wife and Jay-Z , another hip hop celeb. He commented 'One thing I learned you can't fuck up the paper ( money) . That's the problem with a lot of the radical leaders in the past' . Such insight and such immediate communication of values deserves a chance ...

    Hubris, Swearing

  • An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person's main task in life - becoming a better person.

    Arrogance, Hubris

  • When you find yourself sinking as you walk across a pond, you will know that you have fallen into your own hubris.

    Conceit, Hubris, Self delusion

  • Rooster today, feather duster tomorrow.