• An artist's job is to bite the hand that feeds him, but not to hard.

    Artists, Ingratitude

  • Currently, art in the world plays the games of facile deconstruction and is largely tongue in cheek, naive, ironic or jokey insincerity , all of which fills so many galleries and sells for such huge sums of money.These three movements in contemporary art – parasitic, haunted full stop and the studiedly insincere, represent the culture all too well.

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  • There was a point in 20th-century Europe when the aim of the artist and expectations of the public changed.The public approach to art moved from admiration – 'I wish I could do that', to disdain – 'even a child could do that'.The technical ambition of the artist significantly diminished and often disappeared altogether.

    Art, Artists

  • There is such a thing is over-capitalising the A in artist.

    Artists, Charlatan, Conceit

  • Everyone in those days expected that art students were wild, licentious characters. We didn't know how to be, but we sure were anxious to learn.

    Artists, Licentiousness, Students

  • Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his innovation and its ultimate expression.

    Achievement, Artists, Creativity, Self Criticism

  • Never believe what an artist says, only what he does.

    Artists, Pretence