It is amazing that so many people can work themselves up into such a storm of hatred, in public, for someone who has had no effect on them at all, except for offending their opinions.Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America represents a country whose been our long-term ally and actual saviour. On the eve of D day, if you care to remember the isolation of Britain during World War II and the sheer fact that 6600 American soldiers – normal conscripts, were killed on D-Day alone, this  shows some real commitment not to be sneered at.Where does all this residual hatred come from? Is it promulgated by the opportunity to join with other anonymous haters on the terrible Twitter and online trolling of anyone with whose opinion you disagree? But why the depth of the vituperative hatred bursting out of people like Emily Thornberry, MP, a would-be foreign secretary? And all the energy expended by anti-Trump protesters, organised by some desperate social hate leader Shabbir Lakha (who he?) who wanted “the biggest demonstration ever”, all over not liking Donald Trump.What could it possibly achieve? The reasons for their hate are so derisively petty that it makes them look merely peevish and impotent. But it shows what a lot of violent, vituperative, bullying, hate filled people there are out there who don’t mind showing it off and who are so easily aroused by facile, insubstantial reasons for their disagreements. And t seems to be ‘okay’ to behave like this. No sign of British self-control, debate or discussion.Immediate prejudice which can vent its spleen as long as there is a mob with you. So public hate fests are all the rage, stoked by the silliness of would-be statesman like Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable. ‘All you need is hate’ to paraphrase John Lennon.

See quotes in;    Hatred is the anger of the weak. Alphonse Daudet;

The problem lies in our politics of envy. The basis of socialism has always been hatred towards the rich and successful.

Others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself. Richard Nixon

Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation or creed. Bertrand Russell

“The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning, in other words absurdity – the more energetically meaning is sought”. Vaclav Havel