Quotes by Stephen Potter

  • If your man says of some picture ‘Yes but what does it mean?’ ask him and keep on asking him, what his carpet means or the circular pattern on his rubber shoe soles.


  • If you have nothing to say or rather something extremely stupid and obvious, say it, but in a ‘plonking’ tone of voice ie roundly, but hollowly and dogmatically.

    Conversation, Talk

  • A good general rule is to state that the bouquet is better than the taste and vice versa.


  • If you are lucky enough to find a man who still says ‘ I don’t know about pictures but I know what I like ‘, point out to him that because he does not know about pictures, he does not know what he likes.


  • The best and most overwhelming one up way to go to an exhibition with a person is to be in love with the person and for the person to be in love with you. People will instinctively make way for young or fairly young lovers. This puts the exhibition to its right use as a wooing ground.


  • The best way to praise an exhibition is to say ’It’s a great jaunt, a delightful affair and a huge success. Exhibitions are always a huge success’. You can them criticise.


  • Another useful ploy is to criticise something for what it isn’t, even if what it isn’t what it is trying to be.

    Criticism, Critics

  • The safest subject for criticism is the accuracy of the descriptive notice. It is always possible, when in doubt, to criticise ‘ the lack of information for ordinary simple people like myself’.