Quotes by Max Hastings

  • Students have a right and almost a duty to be foolish.Those who teach them have a mirror of right and duty, sometimes to tell their crass charges to take a cold bath.

    Correction, Foolishness, Students

  • Today the Israeli army has been sadly tarnished by its commitment as an army of occupation, its units chiefly committed to the repression of the Palestinians.

    Army, Israel, Repression

  • Most men who act bravely in war, do so because they dread succumbing to fear more than they dread the risk of being killed.

    Bravery, Death, Fear, Heroism

  • Such a word as "hero" need to be cherished as carefully as any other endangered species.


  • In tranquil times there is a public yearning to make life safe.The corollary of this is a diminution of enthusiasm for those who embrace risk.

    Peace, Public opinion, Risk, Security

  • If you can’t get a job as a pianist in a brothel, you become a royal reporter.