Quotes by Jonathan Choat

  • PR - it should be the organisation of the truth to advantage .

    Public relations, Publicity

  • Weeds are plants in the wrong place.

    Gardening, Weeds

  • I was told by a Pole that the national pastime of the Polish is fighting for losing national causes.


  • Kanye West , a hip hop 'artist' known for his revealing celeb wife Kim Kardashian,has declared that he will run for the US Presidency with the experience of show biz deals made by his wife and Jay-Z , another hip hop celeb. He commented 'One thing I learned you can't fuck up the paper ( money) . That's the problem with a lot of the radical leaders in the past' . Such insight and such immediate communication of values deserves a chance ...

    Hubris, Swearing

  • Proctor & Gamble, that international American conglomerate of cleaning products, has applied to trade mark several acronyms including LOL 'laugh out loud' and amazingly WTF which means 'what the fuck', seemingly to appeal to a younger generation of consumer whom, they must suppose, use this sort of bad language in their normal communications. Oh dear , how once principled companies will stoop to the lowest form of communication -'What the fuck' a suitably insouciant vulgarism of yoof - hey isn't that another word they could trademark?


  • Excessive applause
    Without any cause
    And mediocrity scores
    While genius is floored


  • Why is it bride and groom? It ought to be filly and groom.


  • Weeds are admirable –they are just so strong and determined in their endeavours to swamp their pathetic delicate, pretty co-species.


  • Villains – a movie producer’s excuse for glorifying and lionising criminals.


  • Always best appreciated when they have left - after two days.


  • The best toys for children are a cardboard box and old clothes to dress up in.


  • Experience shows us that trust is foolishness.


  • Taxation is inimical to private provision. If you want to reduce taxes, pay for everything privately.


  • You hear ‘it’s all a matter of taste’ when it’s really just a different, usually shallow and uninformed opinion.


  • The refinement of opinion by years of observation and assessment of styles.


  • Architects, Opera Directors, modern composers and the BBC have a similar great fault – they believe they know what people should like, despite all the evidence to the contrary.


  • Too much modern, so called classical music, no doubt provides interest and challenge to the musicians, but inversely proportionate enjoyment for the audience.


  • Those who cry ‘racist’ loudest, are the most desperately race conscious of us all.

    Race, Racism

  • Every meeting should end with a reason and a date for another.


  • The damage parents inflict on their children lasts for generations.


  • You really need to understand the plots of operas before they start, even if you don’t understand the words. I once sat through an Italian opera in Zurich with German subtitles and got the whole plot completely wrong until I looked it up afterwards.