Quotes by E.Y Harburg

  • The trouble with a virgin is
    She’s always on the verge
    A virgin is the worst
    Her method is reversed
    She’ll lead a horse to water
    And then let him die of thirst.


  • For a halo up in heaven
    I have never been to keen.
    Who needs another gadget
    That a fellow has to clean.


  • No matter how I probe and prod,
    I cannot quite believe in God,
    But, oh I hope to God that he
    Unswervingly believes in me.


  • Oh innocent victims of cupid, remember this terse little verse , to let a fool kiss you is stupid to let a kiss fool you is worse.


  • The Lord made Adam, the Lord made Eve; he made ’em both a little naïve.


  • Did god who gave us flowers and trees, also provide the allergies?