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  • Some people think that football is a matter of life and death. I can assure them it’s much more serious than that.


  • You go through life exhaustingly changing your emotional and physical state every few years –from baby, infant, child, teenager, young adult, young middle age, middle middle age - and then you reach old, finally a permanent, settled state for years and years until you die.


  • In the ’60s the record companies seemed to sign anything with long hair. If it was a sheepdog, so what.

    Pop music

  • There’s nothing worse that actors who give the impression that they have taken on the priesthood. Acting is really about lying and in my case drinking coffee.

    Acting, Actors

  • Oh to be back in Hollywood wishing I was back in New York.


  • Always choose the person with branded soul not with the branded clothes.

    Character, Insight, Shallowness

  • Somehow a bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever.


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I have always loved words, particularly rather arcane words with exact meanings and delicious sounds like epigone and crepuscular and meretricious. But it is the way quick, intelligent people combine and manipulate words to respond to situations, observations on events, life generally and other people’s ways, with witty, clever and observant epigrams – amusing or instructive quotations, which I most admire. And then there are the hilarious mistakes and deliberate puns – do see Spoonerisms and Notices /signs.

I have compiled a selection from many sources, for you to read or quote, all of which I find amusing, penetrating, acerbic and dryly witty and certainly worth recording. This is a selection of the best I have found, though there are so many more and new quotes are created every day. At present, it has drawn on mainly western hemisphere authors, but there must be a plentiful representation of wits from all over the world – so please contribute them for inclusion. I want this site to be a shared experience, so this is your chance to contribute your own or someone else’s wit and wisdom to make this a growing and live compilation.

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